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Mark Gabriel

An Adventure in Art - Fundraiser

Final Bid: $5,400 usd
Congratulations Tracy LeCroy

Mark takes us on a three-week journey into his process creating a new piece of art. At the end of this journey one lucky winner will be able to add this special piece to their collection.

The funds from the final sale of this piece will go to help fund scholarships for local school Children of Todos Santos, BCS, MX.

This journey into the creative process will begin on Friday, March 12, 2021 at 5 pm MTN and we will conclude with a special live online event on Friday, April 9, 2021 at 4 pm MTN (time and viewing information TBD).

Event Details

Mark Gabriel

An Adventure in Art

March 12 - April 9, 2021

Visit the Palapa and Open Studio Website


120 Heroico Colegio Militar

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur







Mark Gabriel

Mark Gabriel is an award-winning multi-media artist who began his career in the underground comics and fanzine world while bashing away at his bass guitar in punk bands at night. Mark earned his Honors Baccalaureate Degree in Illustration from Sheridan College, graduating top of his class. He continued to developed his signature style working in book and magazine illustration before a career in film widened Mark’s palette. As muralist, scenic and storyboard artist, concept illustrator and set designer, Gabriel eventually found a new voice in Production Design, honing his visual story-telling skills over two decades in film and television.

At the threshold of the desert and the sea, Mark Gabriel has tapped into the primal energy of the desert bringing an essential raw power to his art. A series of works called Marine Salvage Rights - where small scavenged pieces of driftwood become sculptural paintings of Flying Whales and Ranchera Musicians, acts as a gateway to large scale renditions of his subjects on stretched canvas and wood panels.

Painting subjects the artist describes as dreamscapes inspired by ghosts of the desert and the movements of celestial bodies, these desert and seascapes are inhabited by mythical creature mash-ups of revolutionaries and birds, ranchero cowboys, musicians and stray dogs, as well as the flying “dream whales" of which he has become known. These characters all have stories - they occupy familiar yet exotic geography - they dance, they play, they fight, they love –  and they will reveal their secrets if you lean in. Look again, and again as these creatures take form and celebrate the light.

Mark paints mostly with knife. As he scrape’s and slashes the paint - one can see how essential that energy is to his work. Acrylic is also good because it’s fast. The paint goes on thick and wild, then dabs of prevision. And if paint isn’t sufficient to the story, Gabriel employs ink, or mono-print, chalk and charcoal and oil stick. Some of the work requires collage and mixing of all of the above.

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