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Fernando Ramirez

Misterios Cosmicos x Lithography

Online Exhibition


Misterios Cosmicos (Details) Litograffa y hoja de oro. 56 x 38 cm. Inquire

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Ramirez is specialized in lithography and has working with great masters of this technique such as Rafael Sepúlveda, one of the artists with the most knowledge of this ancient practice that allows an image drawn on a smooth stone block, which has the property of registering the subtleties of wash ink, graffito and crayon, be the support to make a run that is printed with a press mechanical on paper, achieving high quality in each piece.


His way of working is expressed through the human figure. It is situated in the field of the "new figuration" related to such time with Mexican artists like José Luis Cuevas or Javier Arévalo, Colunga or Rubén Maya and foreign artists such as German Penck or Italians Mimo Paladino and Francesco Gracious. It is an intuitive figuration, totally free, whence arise other symbolic elements that allude to esoteric logos, mobile areas that stretch like amoebae, they reproduce and grow, the circus element surrounds them.

The presence of these works, their scale and the technique of realization give them an intense and disturbing visual presence. Looking closely at this sample we can see that the characters it represents are the outer layer of a creation directed toward experimentation, a need for evoke an invisible world to understand a material reality. The system of images that Fernando creates, poses a game of reflections, a journey into the underworld of archetypes magic, a path that will allow us to share the talisman savior of creation, like the hero of a thousand faces.

Exhibition Details

Fernando Ramirez

Huajuapan De Leon, Oaxaca, Mexico

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120 Heroico Colegio Militar

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur



Like the images of a pre-Hispanic codex, the characters of each work is surrounded by a fictional cosmos that suggests a cryptographic system. The figures are represented by a cluster of ways in which head, hands, legs and fingers. The faces are very close to the masks Mexican women whose theme is death, animals metamorphic, monsters or fighters. We are facing a world endless graphic sustenance of imaginary rituals and anagrams that in themselves express energy and power: the eye as an almost religious element or the hand as a symbol of creation.

Litograffa y hoja de oro. 56 x 38 cm.

Limited Edition 4-6/6 Available. Inquire

Misterios Cosmicos IV




"In all of Ramirez work, there is a need to evoke an invisible world to understand a material reality"


Litograffa en seco. Imagen: 25 x 42 cm

Papel: 35 x 50 cm




This work is the humanized representation of a natural element that is very important in the life of rural communities. The nopal has represented since pre-Hispanic antiquity food support, adhesive material, commercial product, symbolic matter, etc. That is why I wanted to represent its importance as a mystical element.

Esta obra es la representación humanizada de un elemento natural que tiene mucha importancia en la vida de las comunidades rurales. El nopal ha representado desde la antigüedad prehispánica soporte alimentario, material adhesivo, producto mercantil, materia simbólica, etc. Por ello mismo quise representar su importancia como un elemento místico.


Tinta sobre papel 63x86cm,


Misterios Cosmicos

Ensayo Sobre la Creacion de los Hombres de Palo.



Litograffa y xilograffa. 40 x 40 cm.



El Loco

Litograffa. 80 x 110 cm





48" x 36"

Acrylic, mixed media, ink on wood panel  



Piece made with Oaxaca clay and painted with red earth. It is burned and black details were obtained from a mixture of nopal and oak.  


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