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Epique_Heath Kane_MASTER_sm.jpg
Epique_Heath Kane_MASTER_sm.jpg

This is a detail of "Epique IV" 110cmx140cm - SOLD - Please Inquire about getting an Original Commission from Heath Kane - Inquire

Heath Kane

Original Painting x NFT Release

Opening Night
October 14, 4-8pm

On View

October 14 - Nov 8, 2021

UK Artist Heath Kane's work has traveled the globe, and is now coming to Todos Santos, where he has created this piece for us; the newest iteration of Portrait of Heroes, titled “Epique” (IV) hangs here featuring Mexico's beloved Blue Demon.  The first edition of Napoleon on horseback, titled “Legende” (I) hung at the Louvre in Paris, France.
Kane's work has been featured on the cover of Wired Magazine Italy as part of the special article written by Nadia Tolokonnikova from "Pussy Riot".  While he is also credited for creating the cover art of the last published editions of George Orwell books.

Inspired by master painted portraits, this piece above sets out to reveal how classical art was often a means for wealthy individuals to portray their alter ego. It playfully suggests that perhaps the classical portrait artists were the photoshop and Instagram filter of their time.
“Napoleon said ‘history is written by the winners’. He might also have said ‘And painted by the rich’. The result is a distortion of our past.” – Heath Kane

Exhibition Details

Artist: Heath Kane

October 14 - Nov 8, 2021

The Gallery is Open or you can view from outside. Lights are on 24/7


120 Heroico Colegio Militar

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur


Press x Sales


Jessie Wallace

[This piece is available for sale.  Contact the Gallery for all Inquires on the Original Piece as well limited edition NFT’s]


Video Directed and Edited by: Chris Strong

Cinematography: Oliver Suckling

Sound Design: Pat Lee


Heath Kane

Echoing his mother words "somewhere I must gone wrong raising you", Heath has not been one to stay on the straight and narrow path. With an insatiable curiosity for oddities and irregularities in life, Heath’s eyes are always open finding new things.

Born in Australia, Heath quickly took flight to explore the world in his early 20’s. During that time has been working at the forefront of design, working for many of the world’s leading advertising and branding agencies.

Now turning his attention back to art, his debut collection draws inspiration from his commercial art background and origins of urban art – a blend of design and art. His approach follows the practice of design thinking, with a focus on creating simple, iconic and memorable pieces that have the ability to tell stories and are linked to a larger narrative. Within the, often lurid colour, artwork he tries to distill subtle but often subversive themes.

“The important thing for me is not just what it looks like and feels like, it is what it makes you think”.

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