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Poolside Cocktails - 48 x 84 inch (SOLD)
  • Poolside Cocktails - 48 x 84 inch (SOLD)

    "This piece owes much to my spiritual muse for this entire series, Slim Aarons. A photographer without peer in the realm of capturing the elusive socialite in their natural habitats. Slim said, “I photograph attractive people, doing attractive things in attractive places”. But it’s more than that of course.


    And with 2020 hindsight, his subjects feel somehow less exclusive and almost like they, the blue-bloods of yesteryear, could be us. At least for me, that’s a part of the allure. We could be them, they remind me of us. And yet through the prism of our new pandemic challenged lifestyles, it all feels so very far away again."


    - Mark Gabriel

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