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La Doña Micaela Cota Carballo

La Doña Micaela Cota Carballo

61 x 61 cm, Acrylic on Plywood

Artist: Christa Assad x Kevin Wickham


La Doña Micaela Cota Carballo

La Doña Micaela is a local hero and lifelong resident of Las Playitas, located just north of central Todos Santos, past Las Tunas and the Green Room. Most surfers of La Pastora have encountered La Doña’s free-range cows along the beach road — and occasionally her goats. For generations her family has been ranchers, herding more than 150 cows from her house, and as many goats and chickens. Though La Doña Micaela has worked on the ranch producing some of the best cheese the area has to offer, along with eggs, tomatoes, tortillas, beans and vegetables, some of her happiest memories are of riding to school along the beach road by donkey with her brother each morning, and the adventure of education back then. La Doña has witnessed many changes over the years in Las Playitas, noting solar power in particular, and recalling that 20 years ago she had one panel. She is very grateful for where she lives, where she has lived her whole life, remarking that living in Las Playitas has always been a joy.




Art Exhibition: Quien Calla, Otorga (Silence Means Conscent) celebrates women of México past and present. While some of those represented are controversial figures in history, all are undeniably powerful. Their strength inspires the next generation of young women to find their voices and use their minds for positive change..


Feminine energy is breaking out around the world. Women are taking control as political leaders and active fighters in the military and rebel groups. But while the number of current female leaders – excluding monarchs and figureheads – has more than doubled since 2000, most of the world’s nations have never been led by a woman (Pew Research Center, March 8, 2017). We are already familiar with what happens when men are in power. Male energy has led us to endless wars, to mass destruction and devastation of our planet and its natural resources, to genocide. It is time for change and for the feminine energy to take the lead.

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