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Don't let someone else scoop up your favorite piece of art!  We offer short term financing options to help you get original art into your home.

There are no credit checks, no interest, and no fees - just manageable payments to help you commit to the art you love.


Layaway means that your artwork remains at the gallery - marked as sold - until all payments are complete.  We offer flexible three, six, nine, and twelve month options so that you can create payment amounts that fit your budget. 

For Example: Your favorite painting is $1000.  You select a six month payment plan.  Your monthly payments are only $166, and in six months, the art is in your home!


Our in house financing option starts with a fifty percent down payment. From there, you can take your new art home right away, and pay the remaining fifty percent in equal payments over the next three months.

Upon approval, in house financing is available to Local Residents and home owners only at this time.  No interest and no fees - just a down payment followed by manageable payments that get the art into your home sooner.  These final payments will automatically be taken directly from the credit or debit card submitted on the dates agreed to.

Email us to apply directly: Contact Jessie Wallace at 

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