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Accion II
  • Accion II

    57x47 cm

    Oil on Linen, Framed

    Diego Rodarte


    “The protagonists of Diego Rodarte open and close their eyes in terror at the annihilation of the world by man.” Edith Negrin Munoz

    Paraphrasing the classics with a splash of paint, Radarte imposes his presence in the contemporary art world. 

    Diego Rodarte focuses his visual practice on different technical supports, highlighting the exploration of painting. He began his studies with Mtro. Enrique Monraz in the city of Guadalajara.


    16 years of experience has led him to exhibit in various cities of the country and in foreign galleries, museums, and cultural centers from which the following stand out:


    Center Culturel duMexique in Paris, France (2008); USC Fisher Museum, The Huntington Libary, San Marino, California (2017); Art Division Gallery in Los Angeles (2018); Latin center American Studies, UC Berkeley, San Francisco (2017); MACAY in Mérida Yucatán (2009), Museo Exconvento del Carmen in Guadalajara (2009); LAMM House in the City of Mexico (2015); Centro de las Artes San Agustín in Oaxaca (2016), Galeria Mark Hachem and at the MR80 gallery in Paris, and at the Scope international art fair in Miami (2019). He has participated in artistic residencies in Los Angeles (2018), Paris (2008), Oaxaca (2017) and Torreón (2016).


    He was the winner of the First Club Art Show carried out by the Reforma Group in 2007. He has been a qualifying jury in the XXIV Awards of the Salon de la Plástica Ahomense ‘Edgardo Coghlan’ in Los Mochis, Sinaloa in 2012 and in 2018 Jury for Residences in plastic arts from Colombia for the Arts Laboratory of La Curtiduría in Oaxaca.


    He is currently selected for the XIX Rufino Tamayo Painting Biennial. Lives and works in Mexico City.


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